1993 Mercury Capri Starting Issues

1993 Mercury Capri 120k miles

I’m having starting issues. The only way I can get it to start is by using Starting Fluid by spraying into air intake while cranking it.
My fuel pump is working fine as well as my fuel filter and fuel relay. Coil pack are fine and so are spark plugs. Brand new battery as well. Starter is fine.
Although my ignition module is corroded pretty bad (ordered new one; will be here 12/30/16) could that be the main problem? Car does start and works perfectly fine after spraying ether.

Could it also be an air problem? Maybe a crank in my air intake? (just thought of this)
After using starting fluid and using car for a bit I can turn it off and it will turn on right away BUT if I let it sit more than 2 hours I have to spray it inside again…

Thanks in advance!!

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Car does start and works perfectly fine after spraying ether.
Than it isn’t an ignition problem. It’s a fuel delivery or fuel metering problem.

My guess would be that the fuel in the line is slowly draining back into the fuel tank when the engine is shut off. For this to happen, the check valve at the pump end has to be leaking and there needs to be a leak in the injector end for air to get drawn in. Otherwise it’ll depressurize but stay in the line like soda in a straw when you put your finger over the end. Which is also a possibility.

Try turning the key to ON without starting the engine a few times in the morning for three or four seconds each time. If my guess is correct, that’ll allow the fuel pump to refill and repressurize the line and the engine should start normally. Post back with the results.


Excellent advice by TheSameMtBike above. OP can confirm that’s the problem if such a confirmation is necessary with a fuel pressure leak down test. If the fuel rail pressure rapidly drops after turning the engine off, it’s almost certainly either leaking back into the gas tank through a faulty check valve, or into the cylinders through a faulty fuel injector. Best of luck.

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Tried that this morning still no luck. Im starting to lean towards taking it to a shop but don’t want to spend that money…

You prior testing has pretty much eliminated everything except for a fuel delivery problem. Any good inde shop should be able to solve it from there. They’ll likely start with a fuel rail pressure check.

Try this.

Turn the ignition switch on so the dash lights come for two seconds, and then turn the ignition switch off.

Repeat this a half dozen times, and then try starting the engine.

If the engine starts, the problem is with the anti-drainback valve on the fuel pump assembly.