2014 Ford F150 won't start

F-150 Ford Crew Cab will not start. Key placed in ignition and gear shift can’t be moved. Lights very dim on dash and slowly dies. Swapped out battery, still the same. It’s completely dead. Could it be the Computer? Any other ideas?

Check your owners manual.
The first no start may have been a dead battery. On my 2015 F150, it tells me that if I change the battery I have to have the Ford dealer garage reset something. I am wondering if when you changed the battery you did something that made it not start again. Me thinks that Ford did something in the master computer that makes you go back to the dealer for a new battery - the dirty corporate bastards that every corporation is today. I still love my 2015 - best vehicle I have ever owned (and I am 70 years old and have had Lincolns, Mercedes, Cadillacs, etc ). But the manufacturers are able to program the CPUs to do whatever they want.