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2014 Ford F150 can't take the sun?

Bought F 150 2014 only 24,000 miles on it 6 months ago. Noticed a while back the head liner coming down so asked when we went in for our 1st oil change and they said the heat does that & the only solution was to replace the head liner. Service advisor said his 2018 was doing the same thing so he needed to watch his also. What is up we’ve own several trucks & cars and never had this happen. Built Ford tough doesn’t apply I guess

My 2013 has no problem, lives outdoors in the Florida sun.

Neither does my always Florida-based 2013 Mustang

Do you smoke? An old neighbor of mine who was an upholsterer once told me that heat and tobacco smoke causes the adhesives to break down quickly in headliners. I am a non-smoker and have never had a headliner failure except in a couple of used vehicles. My brother and his wife who are both smokers have failed headliners all the time. Not scientific but I believe it’s probably true.

If bought from a dealer, it could the chemicals the detail shop used to clean it broke down the adhesive. May have been a smokers truck.