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2013 Toyota Avalon - can the head liner be fixed?

The head liner in the back is coming down so bad, and around my sun roof, can it be fixed?

Yes, just look in the yellow pages or your Google for automotive upholstery shops. Your local dealer might even have a shop that they use.

Welcome to the board, Rosemary. You may wish to Google " auto upholstery shop near me". They have plenty of experience making this type of repair.

I live in Southwest Florida where the heat kills headliners. The foam backing deteriorates and allows the cloth to drop. Therefore attempting to reglue it with spay adhesive does not work.

The proper repair is to remove the headliner and the backer board, remove the old glue, and glue on new cloth. I have done it once and never again. Let the upholstery shop do it.

The alternative is to buy upholstery “screws” which are pins with a corkscrew shaped shank and twist them into the headliner. Walmart has them in the sewing notion department.