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2014 Ford F-150 - Battery issues

When driving battery light flashes and i hear bell sounds. Then two days later my truck doesn’t start with no warnings lights

That is correct, when you ignore your “battery light” which indicates a problem with the charging system your battery will loose its charge,
No charge in the battery, no start.
Now you get it towed. May very well need an alternator and new battery.


Don’t you think that’s just a little bit of a warning to stop driving?? Those lights are not there for entertainment, they are there to tell you something is wrong… if they flash, that means stop driving.


No surprise this happens. Your truck is broken. We can’t fix it from the internet. Have it towed to a repair shop. Bring lots of money with you to the shop, I suspect you will need it.


A completely dead battery can’t light up any warning lights. Did it occur to you that the flashing warning lights were there for a reason and you should do something about it?

Ignoring car problems never makes a repair get cheaper, it sometimes makes it much more expensive or worse, dangerous.


So, it’s not “normal” for warning lights to be lit-up?
Bad things can happen when one ignores those warning lights?