2006 Ford F-150 - Won't start

Truck won’t start. All lights and radio work, but it won’t turn over. It has taken a charge previously, but now just a clicking sound from the box (electrical?) on the passenger side.

Sounds like the battery is very low. The clicking is probably the starter relay. Has the truck been sitting? A lot of that going on right now. See if it will start with a jump and have the battery and alternator tested. If it’s going to be sitting, a trickle charger is a good investment.

And just how old is that battery?

Do you live in an area with sustained high temperatures . . . such as the southwest?

Batteries usually only last 4 - 5 years here

Take something like a baseball bat and give the starter a couple of good whacks.

If the starter works, replace the starter.


Geeh, I usually suggest only a rubber mallet :slight_smile:

Why not just hit it with your purse?


A decent baseball bat costs twice as much as a starter. I’d use something less costly for that.

Crow bar, baseball bat, hammer. or a weight!