Ford Focus 2007 - battery warning light

On my way to the supermarket this morning, the battery warning light came on. Flickered off briefly a couple times, but remained on consistently otherwise. Let the engine idle for 10 minutes in the parking lot, turning off the radio and lights. Warning light finally went off. Car started fine, but light came on again within a minute of driving.

I’m thinking that either there is a loose connection or the alternator is having issues. Thoughts?

Take your car to an auto parts store and let them test the battery and alternator, in the car, at curbside. Then, you can go to step B.

My 2003 focus did that for a while, but I didn’t check it out because the light always went off.
Then one day, the electrical cut out altogether and I had to replace the alternator and battery. A month after replacing the alternator and battery, the electrical went out again.
Sorry - not much of an answer other than: get it checked out sooner rather than later.

Your alternator is failing. You can replace it now, or wait until it has killed the battery too, then replace both.
(Yes, it could be a wiring problem instead. Either pay a diagnosis fee to find out for sure, or throw parts at it.)
How many miles? You shouldn’t be having this problem yet.

Check with a dealer shop. Do not pay to have it fixed there unless it is under $100 and really fixed. This could be a warranty issue and if enough have this issue it could be a secret recall. You should not be seeing a problem like this. How many miles?