2014 Fiesta trouble starting

Helping out a friend, the Diagnostic code is P1450 - AutoZone recommends Fuel Vapor Leak Detection Pump replacement. My Q is would this part malfunctioning cause trouble when starting the car? It struggles, like its getting to much gas - flooded. Thanks!

The possible causes of a P1450 is

  • Blocked EVAP canister or vent solenoid
  • Kinked or collapsed hose between canister and fuel tank
  • Faulty Fuel Tank Pressure (FTP) sensor
  • Fuel filler cap stuck closed, preventing vacuum relief

Loosen the fuel cap and see if it starts easier.

And never forget, AutoZone counter people are NOT mechanics, they are salespeople.

Post back with what you find.


Thanks! And YES to the comment about AutoZone counter people - great point. The EVAP canister is the one Under the hood - not under the fuel tank right? I’m still learning this system… TY. I’ll update after checking the cap, etc.,

I don’t know where the evap tank is on this car, sorry.

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I don’t see a P1450 pertaining for the non-turbo 1.6 L Fiesta. There’s a couple of other engines used on that model/year. Which one?

There has to a hose from the top of the fuel tank to the evap canister, might be possible to follow that hose to figure out where the canister is located.

Quick tutorial; The drivetrain computer constantly monitors the pressure of the airspace above the gasoline in the gas tank in order to check for leaks, reading a pressure sensor’s electrical output. A leak means there’s a problem with the evap system and servicing required. Two valves (vent and purge) and a vacuum pump control the pressure. When the system fails, could be one or both of the valves, the vacuum pump, or the pressure sensor. That particular code seems to mean there’s too much vacuum, which could occur if

  • the pressure sensor output was inaccurate
  • the purge or vent valve failed to open when they should
  • the vacuum pump failed to turn off when it should

The engine’s struggling could be caused by not enough fuel (caused by the vacuum actually being too high) , or too much fuel (caused by the purge valve being open when it shouldn’t, vacuum maybe correct in that case and the pressure sensor is faulty).