2014 Dodge Ram 1500 - DEF issues

Def problems Dealer says intermittent signal from Def Sensors… Cannot repair Must replace tank whole unit… …
quoted me $4000.00 plus installation costs and then the Tax Probably more like $5000.00. I am not a very happy camper and then he says probably have to wait over a month for the part… Is this the Dodge Service Policy ?

No, it is a supply chain problem.
Where do you live that has a $1000 tax on a $4000 repair?
Check with some independent mechanics, they might have a solution.

I have the same problem with my 2014 Ecodiesel here in Ontario Canada… Dealer says a $4000.00 complete Def tank … plus labour and then the Tax … Not a happy camper and then they tell me no replacement parts for a month or so…

Have you not been paying attention ? Everything you can think of is in short supply now because of Covid .

I was hoping someone might be able assist me in DELETING the intermittent signal

You answered you own question.

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I suspect that is the full estimate, service writers usually provide the complete estimate, they don’t expect the customer to guess the labor charge.

The DEF tank (P/N 68161432AN) has a MSRP of $2170, the part number may have changed along with the price. $4000 should be for parts, labor, shop supplies and tax.

When parts are on back-order it is not necessarily because the workers have the sniffles. When there is an engineering change or a change in supplier the supply can be delayed for several weeks.

I order several parts each week for repairs and have not experienced a parts shortage during the last 15 months, this includes vehicles that are 15 to 25 years old.

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This sounds like exactly the kind of issue that the manufacturer should cover in a secret warranty. What possibly could the owner have done to prevent this problem on a vehicle this new? This is exactly why I won’t buy any product from whatever the name-of-the-day is for this manufacturer.

The OP is in Canada… Canadian dollar is only worth $0.79 so add 21% to any US prices. And the sales tax is 13% in Ontario.

Seven years old isn’t new in my book. I’d check with independent truck mechanics and I’d also post this on a Ram forum.


I dont know if this helps…
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they are in Canada if you want to do this yourself.
DEF Tank Repair Service For Dodge Ram 1500 | XeMODeX Inc.

If your truck is out of warranty, there are companies which can reflash your PCM to tune out/ignore the DEF system, if that is what you are alluding to. Although many people do these tunes for the purpose of producing huge clouds of soot, I assume it is possible to tune out the system for purposes of keeping the CEL off and passing emissions testing–without creating excessive pollution,

Shut off the DEF system? BAD IDEA! Diesels are already poor polluters. Don’t make it worse.

Fix the truck.

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