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Powertrain Control Module Failure

I have a 2001 Camper van with the Dodge 5.9 eng.and only 30,000 miles.

I stopped in Yuma,AZ after driving from Demming,NM. with a strong wind blowing from the west. This may be important info because I’m driving west through a few hundred miles of desert into a strong wind.

After stopping for an hour, the van started easily but began stalling. I parked for the night and the next morning the van started and ran fine but the engine malfunction light was on. I took it to a Dodge dealer who diagnosed: PCM losing communication - Repl PCM & Prog.

The repair took less than an hour and cost me over a $1000; $755 for the part, $238 labor, $12 disposal fee and tax. I asked for the old part but was told there was a core charge of $500 on the part. Did I get taken by this dealer?

You ALWAYS get taken for a ride by dealers. That’s how they make money…An independent shop MIGHT have been able to fix this by simply cleaning a connector. You will never know. Can we assume the repair cured the problem?

A $12 “disposal fee”…I wonder what they disposed of that cost $12…This after charging you $238 labor for less than an hours work…

I feel like I was taken for a ride on a smelly fishing boat. It does look like the PCM was replaced or they removed it, cleaned it up and reinstalled it. The problem was resolved but I’m also leaning toward a clogged injector because of the driving conditions prior to the problem. They knew they had me over a barrel because of my Calif. address. I’m going to follow up with Dodge Customer Service in Detroit because the high charges.