Battery vs alternator

my truck wouldnt start today. i know it worked last night, but when i went out this morning, no dice…i know the battery is dead because there was no noise coming from the starter/no lights…a new battery would get it going again, but should i have the alternator looked at?

Yes. Have the battery load tested to make sure it is defective. It is possible you have some other starting system problem, so confirming what you think is best.

Once the car is started, go and get the alternator output checked. You can do this with a volt meter or multi-meter, and some places like Advance Auto Parts can do an output check for free.

Before you spend any money on a new battery or alternator…check the battery cables. Is GM still using the screw-in type connectors??? If not remove the connectors from post and clean.

Maybe you left the lights on ?