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2014 Chevrolet 1500 - Radio Changes Stations on its Own

Radio will change stations while driving

And you don’t want that?.. Or are you bragging?

Why don’t you clear that up for me and post some infor about your truck, the radio in it and more details about the problem. Tells us if you have full radio controls on your steering wheel, too.

Ok so it’s 2014 silverado ltz’ no nav. the radio will play fine going too work, but on the way home the radio will show all the the stations on the screen all of the sudden and it will change too another station on it’s own. hit excite and go too the station i was on and again it change by itself in a minute. cannot find anybody who has had this problem with the radio. tks

If it has radio controls on the steering wheel, I would suspect a problem with that. Buttons stuck or clock spring failing. If this seems to be a temperature issue… cool to work, hot on the way home, I’d suspect the radio is failing.

Has controls on steering wheel, Morning drive is fine. Today on way home drove 6mi. and then started too act up, was 84’ on the way home i to listen a .m. 1250 and then it will go too 620 and stay there but screen is still messed up.

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