2014 Buick Verano with multiple issues

Anyone having multiple issues with their verano? I bought mine in 2015. Within 2 years battery went bad and replaced twice. New battery went bad and leaked fluid on engine harness which had to be replaced ($1900 out of pocket expense). Then it began making a loud noise on a cold start and it was determined that the timing chain tensioner had to be replaced (extended warrenty covered) recently had to be replaced March 2018. Now it makes a loud noise again on a cold crank like something is loose and the gear shift is sticking. I’ve always owned and been a fan of buicks, but the verano is really making me regret my decision.

Why did you use the extended warranty for your timing chain tensioner? GM has a 5 year powertrain warranty for this issue.

Were you aware that the Buick Verano is about 98% identical to the much-cheaper Chevy Cruze?

I am assuming the Verano has the 2.4 Ecotec engine. This engine had an issue with premature wear of the piston oil control rings causing increase oil consumption. There is an TSB for model years 2010 to 2013 for this issue, see below:

Even though you have a 2014, it might help to call Buick Customer Service for more info. The number is at the bottom of the article.

I have a 2013 Equinox with the 2.4 Ecotec. The pistons, rings, and timing chain were replaced at 42k under the factory warranty. It was using a quart of oil every 1500 miles at 42k miles. I checked the oil level frequently and kept it topped off. I first noticed oil consumption at ~20k miles, the rate of consumption steadily increased until the repair was done. I have 70k and oil consumption has dropped to ~1/2 qt. between 5k oil changes.

Please keep an eye on your oil level, if the level drops too low there will be damage to the engine that the warranty will not cover. At the very least engine life will be shortened even if the repairs are done.

Ed B.

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I didn’t realize that and being that I took it to a Buick dealership to be fixed they didn’t tell me that either. Definitely going to ask them about this because Im at 82,000 miles.

Thanks for the info. I get my oil changes on time, but I fear it is too late for me. While looking into the timing chain issue they noticed a fracture in the engine block, but said it is not leaking any fluids. Warranty wont touch it and im at 83,000 miles.

Sorry for your troubles. The dealer’s diagnosis sounds a little fishy, consider getting another opinion from another dealer or preferably an independent mechanic. In your Owner’s Manual, under Customer Information, there is a phone number for customer assistance for help at the corporate level.

I have to ask, did you ever check the oil level between changes? For now, check the level frequently and top off the oil as needed.

Good luck,

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