2014 Buick Verano touch screen works but I can't see anything!

My inltellilink display screen is black/gray. I can’t see anything on the display but I can touch it and it seems buttons are working. I can hear everything just fine. The radio, Bluetooth etc. Can someone help me fix this issue?

Have you asked the dealer or a good radio shop about this ? Any chance that the menu has contrast settings ?

Check for info in the owner’s manual on setting the screen contrast. I expect however it will turn out this part is going to have to be replaced.

Well back to my Buick Riviera days with the touch screen CRT. Mine went black but I could access everything by touching the right spot on the screen. I believe the problem was the main power supply and fixed it by replacing the CRT. I tried getting the schematics for it but those are given only to authorized repair centers. It was a Zenith system. So I believe you are going to need to replace it or send it to an authorized repair center for repair or exchange. A new Zenith was $800 years ago so don’t think it’ll be cheap but a visit to the dealer is the only option.


Old thread but I’m wondering if you ever got resolution for the screen going black. I’m having the exact same symptoms where the screen is dead / can’t see anything, but yet the radio / buttons all still work.

You can try doing a hard reset for your radio. it should tell you how in your owner’s manual. you probably will have to reset your clock and radio stations after doing this. also, you can try calling the Buick dealer to see if there is a software update to correct this problem.
If both of these ideas fail, you might need to replace the touch screen or whole radio if just the screen cannot be replaced.

New screen w/backlight ~$350 w/Navigation, Used around $70: