2014 Buick Encore left wiper won't stand up and away

Hi. I am able to get the right windshield wiper on my car (2014 Buick Encore) to stand up and away from the windshield (so that it’s perpendicular), but I can’t figure out how to get the left wiper (the larger one) to do the same. The manual doesn’t seem to mention it. Can any fellow Car Talk fans help? Thanks!

First, why do want it to do that? That’s not a good thing. Should something cause either wiper to snap back down into its rightful position you could wind up needing a new windshield! If you need them to stand up then carefully hold them in that position with your hand. If you need it for a longer period then remove the arms.
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Open the hood and see it you can lift the wiper without hitting the hood.