2014 Acura TSX Timing Belt Maintenance Reminder, but car has Timing Chain?

I have a 2014 Acura TSX with about 100k miles. It’s the 4 cylinder 2.4 L engine. I believe it’s K24Z3 engine. I got the “4” indication on the maintenance reminder code, “Replace timing belt and inspect water pump”. I’m confused as to what this is telling me. As far as I know the K24Z3 doesn’t have a timing belt but a timing chain, so I’m wondering if this is some sort of typo, and it meant to say drive belt instead?

Speaking of which. Can anyone confirm the length of the drive belt for this engine? I look at online retailer seller of parts, and it seems that the different options that they offer for this car, each one is of different length for the different options. Can anyone please confirm the length?

If you don’t know what engine you have how would anyone else know that. Just go to the dealer and the parts person will sell you the correct belt . Or is that too simple ?



Maintenance code 4 shows: replace spark plugs, replace timing belt (6 cylinder only) and check valve clearance.

Timing belt replacement does not apply to the 4 cylinder engine.


On all 2006 and newer Honda’s and Acura’s, 4 cylinders are timing chains, V6’s have belts. Your car has both engine options. Not sure about drive belts, but they are probably fine unless it is making noise or is excessively cracked.

You can’t tell the condition of a serpentine belt by visual inspection anymore.



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Thanks guys, yea I thought it was timing chain. Ok, I now see the note at the bottom, that it was for six cylinder only.

Is there other belt wear gauge tools that is more widely available (like on Amazon for example). I can’t find the gates one, or anything like it for sale.


Or just change the belt every 100,000 miles.


thanks, short from taking off the old one and measuring it (not sure I’d be able to get exact, but close to the actual length) or asking the dealer how long it should be, there’s not much I can do determine the length of the belt? Seems that several different options are available for this engine, which doesn’t make much sense.

Don’t complicate things.

You know the make, model, year, and engine of your vehicle.

Go to a parts store, give them that information, and you’ll get the right belt.


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Or take the VIN and buy the belt recommended.

If the parts store is confused, drop by the dealership. It might be worth the premium cost to get the correct OE part in this case.

But looking on Rockauto all of the name brand belts listed have the same length. What’s the confusing part?

I’ll just say that in the old days we would change antifreeze and thermostats every fall. So I made an appointment to have this service done at the Acura dealer. They said they have never had a thermostat failure and that they change antifreeze with the timing belt service. I said I thought I had a chain? Nope, got a belt. So sometime this summer I’ll have the belt, antifreeze, water pump, etc. done at the dealer. Somewhere south of $2000. Yeah but like said, I’m just not in the mood to buy a new car. So ask the dealer, buy oem parts, and be happy.

The belt length depends on the configuration of what it has to drive. Power steering pump, water pump, smog (air) pump, A/C compressor, alternator are the common accessories driven by that belt. And whatever powers the belt, usually a crankshaft pulley. It seems unlikely a 2014 Acura has a smog pump, but maybe in some states it was required. Suggest to pop the hood and tell us all the stuff that’s driven by that accessory belt. It’s possible also that some of the accessories come in different pulley diameters too, depending on the car’s configuration and options.

Your engine has one serpentine belt.

Don’t listen to George.


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Suggest to summarize here what that online vendor is saying about how the options affect the belt choice. I’m seeing two belt p/n options, but it might be the same size belt, just different belt manufacturers.