Timing belt - dealer vs manufacturer

I have a 2005 Acura TL with 47,000 miles. It has an interference engine. The Acura dealer says that I should replace the timing belt now because it wears with age, but Acura (the manufacturer) and the manual says that it doesn’t need to be changed until the maintenance minder (dashboard computer) says it should be done. Acura says the maintenance minder system monitors driving conditions and is the best way to know when replacement is needed and avoid wasting money by replacing it before necessary. Should I replace it now or wait for the maintenance minder system to indicate it is time?

Interference engine? Do it now. (FWIW I would say wait on a non-interference engine)

After 7 or 8 years, you’re due for a new one, unless you’re a betting person and willing to lay your engine on the line. This job can go from several hundred dollars to several thousand dollars literally in the blink of an eye with no warning whatsoever.

Time is as important as mileage with a timing belt. They should not be left in for more than 7 years. I’d be surprised if the owner’s manual didn’t spell that out. Every other one I’ve ever seen does.

Why take the chance. Yes it’s expensive…but replacing an engine is MORE expensive.

Another option would be to trade the car for one using a better engine design…But I would not risk belt failure as it would total your car…

I have a 2005 Honda Accord with a 3L V6. Honda recommends changing the timing belt after 7 years or 105,000 miles. I plan on replacing mine this summer. You should replace yours sometime soon.

If the car were built in late 2005, the light may come on sometime in the next month or two. If you want to wait for a few months to see, that would be OK, but I would not wait past the end of summer.

The dealer is more accurate than corporate Acura. The belt and the car were likely manufactured in 2004 so this makes both going on 7 years old. No maintenance minder monitors environmental conditions, possible oil and coolan leaks, etc, etc.

Ask Acura to provide something in writing to you about their guaranteeing you a new engine if the belt breaks before that maintenance minder comes on and you willl likely hear some stonewalling.

Ive never heard of ANY system or subsytem in ANY vehicle that ever would mention a T-belt… I mean its cool if it actually does…but you may be waiting for a message that never arrives…while your T-belt goes ignored.


My 2007 Acura MDX does NOT account for time elapsing when vehicle is off.

If you read closely the manual even states to make sure to change the oil once a year if maintenance minder does not prompt.