2014 Acura MDX issues?

Anty significant problems with a 2014 Acura MDX? Need to know problems?

Same as any used vehicle . As for problems on this vehicle I guess you want to buy , who knows.

Carcomplaints.com. Look here

We have a 2014 MDX that recently has developed a random rattle that sounds like it is behind the glove box/dash area. It is only noticeable once we are going at least 60 miles per hour. Something loose in the duct work? Any other ideas?

Take the glove box off and poke around, looking for parts that move when they shouldn’t. It’s often just a bolt that needs to be re-tightened.

That would make sense if the rattling was happening all the time but if it only happens once we get to 60+ MPH wouldn’t it seem that it has something to do with air velocity/duct work? The rattle is a little random so I don’t think it is a loose exterior or engine panel as that would be more of a consistent pattern I would think.

More likely that the vibrations which happen at that speed set up a resonance that makes whatever it is vibrate. Going 60 doesn’t mean the air moving through the ducts is going 60. The air in the ducts is going however fast the blower motor is pushing it, and that will be close to the same speed no matter how fast the vehicle is moving.

Acura did have some issues with the glove box support framework developing a rattle, but they’re easily cleared up by re-tightening loose bolts.

ok, so remove glove box, look for anything loose and tighten back up. Could it be something related to the cabin air filter? I haven’t checked that as we just bought the car a few months ago and didn’t notice the rattle until recently. It has 50,000 miles.

Maybe there’s something knocking around on top of it, but the filter is a paper element that might have a little rubber around it depending on design. Nothing that would cause a rattle like you describe.