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Acura MDX fan motor vibrating

Has anyone had a problem with the fam motor making a very loud noise and even vibrating the car interior? I can feel the vibration in the front doors and the steering wheel.

Yes, I’ve pulled fans out of cars that were totally filled with paper, leaves and anything else the varments wanted to haul in there. Could be wore fan bearings or bad fan motor. But wouldn’t expect any of this from a 2020.

Thank you for your quick response. The MDX is a 2015, not a 2020. The computer reverted the date on me. I spent the last week out in the country so maybe it is varmint nestings or leaves. I looked under the hood but couldn’t see or find anything, so will take it into the dealer tomorrow. The major vibration concerned me more than the noise. Thanks again for your help.

I took the car to the dealer and when they pulled the fan unit, loads of acorns fell out. The problem is now solved and I will be sure to leave the air intake valve closed when I go to the outdoors! That was how they were able to get in the fan unit. Thanks for your suggestion about the varmints.

I’ve never understood how rodents could get into that area. On my Corolla anyway the air inlet is under the windshield on the exterior, and is covered by a fine mesh, no way a rodent could get in that way. I vacuum that area every time I vacuum the car’s insides, or whenever I change the oil to prevent small twigs from migrating into the fan cage area. But I’m perplexed how rodents get into that area on some cars apparently. I just can’t imagine the engineers would provide that big of an opening a rodent could get in from the outside. Or are the rodents getting in through an open window and getting into that area from the inside? That seems like it might be possible.

On the MDX, the air intake is under the windshield on the exterior too but there is no mesh screen over it. I will probably just try to put a piece of screen over the intake myself to prevent it from happening again & I also don’t want to have to keep the fresh air intake closed all the time. If it can happen with squirrels & acorns in the country for a week, it can also happen in my home garage with a mouse or other varmint. Hope this info helps someone else!

I wonder if the mice are able to shove an acorn through an opening in that area under the windshield, but the opening is not wide enough to get through themselves. Their mouse-thinking being that when they are hungry for an acorn treat later on they’ll figure out how to get in then.