2014-2017 Nissan versas?

Hi all, so I’m looking to get a used reliable car. My current Toyota is on its last few legs, and I don’t really want to sink anymore money into it. I was aiming towards Hondas, and Toyotas but I currently can’t afford the monthly Payments on either without hurting. I already have a Nissan rouge I make payments on, added with all my other bills and it just isn’t feasible for me to go that route. I know automatic Nissans with the cvt transmissions aren’t really favorable but what about the versas? The car I replace my Corolla with is going to be a Manuel so I’m just curious how reliable the versas are with a manual transmission. I appreciate any advice!

A Versa with a manual is fine. Their weak point is the CVT automatic transmission.


Look at Mazda3s, either sedan or hatchback.


2014-2017 are to be avoided because of CVT problems according to this

I have a 2018 Versa S (manual transmission) that I bought new. It now has 51,000 miles and the only problem it has had is one rear wheel bearing started making noise. I replaced it myself for under $40. Also had to replace the worn out original tires at 31,000 miles. Gas mileage average since new is 41 mpg going by actual measurements, not the dash display. I like the car and would buy it again.


i appreciate the reply. I figured the manuals would be good. gonna look into them more.

ive actually been aiming for one. i was just checking out more options.

The Versa w/manual trans looks pretty good reliability-wise from what I can tell. With most every car of the modern era, common problems to ask be checked by your own mechanic during a pre-purchase inspection : Ignition switch, drive-by-wire, security/keyless entry, idle rpm surges, accel pedal obstructions, computer software reprogramming, paint, radar, light fixtures accumulating moisture, cv boot/joints, wheel bearings, struts/shocks, infotainment bluetooth etc, brakes sticking or making noises.

Air bags of course.

Very important: Make sure the CEL behaves. It should turn on with key in “on” but engine not started, then turn off immediately upon starting engine. Part of the CEL inspection requires a scan tool inspection for stored diagnostic codes and that all of the readiness monitors are in their “complete” state. Suggest to avoid any car which doesn’t pass the entire CEL inspection, or if any of the readiness monitors show “incomplete”.