Hot &!

it is the record-breaking summer of 2010, and suddenly the a/c on my 2004 Tahoe randomly decides to switch from nice cool air to blasting heat! The only way I have found to deal with this issue so far is to pull over, turn off the engine, wait a few seconds, and restart. This is completely unpredictable but fairly annoying…especially when I am on the highway where cutting off the juice becomes more problematic. Anyone have similar experience and advice to share? Thanks…

Take it to a shop that works on automotive AC. This is not a problem you’ll be able to diagnose or repair at home with a screwdriver and pair of pliars, nor will any additive help. You need a specialist with special tools and equipment.

As usual, Mountainbike has hit the nail on the head. Follow his advice.

This is not a DIY.

thanks for your reply; just curious as to whether any other users/owners of 2004 Tahoe’s are experiencing similar issues. Maybe this is a recall item…like the stuck speedometer problem from a year or so ago?

You can search for TSBs if you’d like, but in a 6+ year old truc I would not consider need for AC work to be abnormal. And it’ll never be covered under any extended TSB or recall notice because it simply isn’t a safety issue.