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2013 Toyota Prius - Jumping damage concern

We have successfully jumped my husband’s car from the battery under the front hood of my 2013 Prius. Twice. Using the diagram in my user manual. After we had his car going (this was the second incident), I noticed it says in red letters above that diagram NOT to use this procedure to jump another vehicle. It is only to be used to jump my car. Have I done any damage to my Prius? Is there a right way to provide a jump from a Prius? I looked it up on the internet and in the manual and cannot find a definitive answer or explanation.

If you don’t have any check engine lights on and it seems to operate just as it did before you may have dodged a bullet. Now go buy a battery for the other vehicle and also buy a rechargeable battery pack to use in the future . You might even want to purchase a road side service like AAA .

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The connection under the hood is a 12 volt electrical connection to jump start the Prius electrical system, there is a small 12 volt battery in the trunk. The Prius doesn’t have an alternator, power is supplied to the 12 volt battery from the invertor/converter, using this car to jump start another one can overload the voltage converter.

There are lithium-ion battery jumpers available that are a little bigger than a phone for about $60.

Thank you, that is helpful information. Will follow up.

Thanks, that’s definitely helpful.