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Prius as Generator

Recently I saw an article that an enterprising survivor of a recent MA ice storm had rigged his Prius, thru an inverter, to his house during a power outage. I understand how this is done, but wonder about the potential damage to the Prius’s hi-tech electronics or 24V battery system??

The Prius has a “convenient” (not!)lug to the 12V system under the hood for jump starting if necessary, but would it be better (i.e., less potential damage) to connect the inverter directly to the 12V battery under the deck in the rear?

here is a web site for the hook-up…
can’t imagine this can provide the surge power for 240 motors, ( eg. water pumps.)compared to that my 5000 watt generator…

The Prius battery voltage is around 274 volts, not 12 or 24! The 12V battery is just the accessory battery and has only a small charger on it (powered by the 274V pack).

If you don’t mind risking a very expensive car for a few hours of comfort, sure you can. If it were a matter of life and death, I’d do it in a heartbeat. But, the Prius system was never designed for this, and any damage, which may be likely, would not be covered by warranty, and would be expensive.