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2013 Toyota Etios bad vibration

Hi…i have a 2013 Etios…has a very bad vibration from 80kph @ 140kph…its very bad. any idea what could it be.
had tyres balanced
had cv joints done
had front suspension checked
had all engine mountings checked.

How about a bent wheel? Bad wheel bearings (is there a growl??) Bent wheel hub? Warped or cracked brake rotor? Sticking caliper?

You looked at the normal stuff, all these are a level deeper. If you had the tires balanced, the tech should have caught a bent wheel. Should, but maybe not. Sticking caliper can be determined by driving the car until the problem occurs, pull over and check how hot each wheel is. One sticking caliper will make the wheel much hotter than the others.

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Tread separation is another possibility.


Or try loosening all the lug nuts, then tighten by hand, in the correct pattern, using a torque wrench.

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In the speed range you feel the vibration, how does shifting into neutral and coasting affect the vibration? Likewise, how does accelerating affect it? All the things you’ve done are the most obvious things to try. hmmm … did anything happen just before this all started? Like if you ran into a curb, that could have bent a hub, the symptom would be similar to a bent wheel. Have you tried moving the tires around, front to back, side to side, etc, to see how that affects the vibration?

Vibrations occur b/c something that’s rotating isn’t symmetrical. Either there’s a weight imbalance somewhere, or a shape imbalance.

Can you determine if you feel the vibration through the steering wheel or through the seat? If you can, rotate the tires front to rear. The vibration ought to move. If it doesn’t, then the problem is not the tires and/or wheels.