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2013 Toyota Avalon - Contacts gone missing

The contacts on my telephone no longer on my bluetooth I uninstalled the phone and reinstalled it but the contacts are not there

This is a tricky one. One thing I can add, is that when I add my phone to a test vehicle, there is always a prompt that asks “Do you want the car to download your contacts?” The correct answer to that is “Yes” and to also check the little box that says “And don’t ask again.” You answer those those questions on your phone during the sync process. .

I don’t get that prompt


I think GorehamJ is on the right track. What kind of phone do you have? In general, if you go to the list of paired Bluetooth devices on your phone, you can probably find a setting that controls if the phone is allowed to share contacts (and maybe also text messages) with that paired device. As an alternative, if you remove your car from the list of paired devices and start over, you’ll probably see the prompt that GorehamJ mentions.

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