Blue Tooth


I have a 2007 Toyota Solara, which is equipped with Bluetooth. When got the car 5 months ago, I was able to pair my Treo 600 with the car, and used the bluetooth with no problems. Since upgrading my phone to a Tre0 755p, I am unable to pair the phone with the car’s equipment. Any ideas how to complete this pairing?


Did you follow the procedure in the owner’s manual? If so, it sounds like a dealer question.


Yeah, these phones are known to have issues with Toyota bluetooth systems. Try this:

  1. On your Treo go to System->Preferences -> Communications -> Hands Free and select something other than “disable”.

  2. On the Camry select register from the BlueTooth menu and input the appropriate security code in your Treo;

  3. After the Treo Pairs with the Camry go to trusted devices on your phone and manually connect (highlight the Camry on the Treo trusted devices and from the menu select connect.


I had similar problem with my lexus, and a treo 680.

Here’s how I got it to work.

Follow the normal steps for pairing the phone. After entering the pairing code, make a call manually from your treo.

In my case, I could then hear the call through the car, and the phone was paired.

The only problem I would have after that is that my treo would remain in bluetooth headset mode even after I turn the car off.


Thanks so much for your reply. You are on the right track, but I don’t know how to do your step #2. Can you please explain?