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2013 Subaru Outback weird sound

My car is making a weird sound when I come to a stop and the car is idling in drive but the sound stops when I put it in neutral. What is going on?

Can you describe the sound?

Additionally, from where is the sound emanating?
Is it from…
under the hood…
underneath the car…
inside the dashboard?

Can this sound be described as a low-frequency rumble?
If yes, did you have any work done on the engine mounts and/or front driveshafts before you started to notice it?

Is there any difference comparing a cold engine to a warm engine? Or to the ambient temperature if it is worse when the engine is cold ?

I am not really sure where the sound is coming from. From the driver seat the sound seems to be coming from the dashboard or engine…

I started hearing this sound back in Sept. 2019 when it was still warm outside and it hasn’t changed throughout the winter months. But the sound is most noticeable when I come to a stop and it is idling in drive but it will stop if I put it in neutral.

The sound could best be described like, “erh, erh, erh, erh.”

If you are able to do so, you might want to check the transmission fluid.
If–as I suspect–the trans doesn’t have a dipstick, you might want to have the dealership check the fluid, and if it has never been changed, you should have the trans fluid & filter changed.

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Thanks for the suggestion. I will have the transmission fluid checked.