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Vibration in car when stopped

I have a Subaru Outback '03 wagon. About 4 months ago, I had a new driver side front axle installed. Right after that, when my car was stopped at a light, and my foot was on the brake, the car would have a vibration from the front end, I took the car back to the place that did the work, they checked the work don, and also the engine mounts, and bearings, and anything else they could check. They couldn’t find anything wroing at that time with the car. I then took the car to another dealer who said the same thing, although he did not do a thorough inspection of the care. I just had my oil changed, and took the car back to the orignal mechanic, and he checked the car out again as a courtesy, with the same outcome. They can’t find anything wrong. The care still vibrates when I am stopped and in drive, but when I take my foot off the brake, the vibration dissipates a littel, and when I put the car in neutral or park, it goes away completely . I am hesitant to take it to the dealer and spend lots and lots of money to diagnose. The previous two mechanics said I should not be worried about the car’s drivability, just wait and see what happens, although this vibration bothers me. Suggestions?

Did anyone look at the idle air control valve yet? It may need to be cleaned or replaced.

Did any of the mechanics look at the TRANSMISSION mount?

neither of these were mentioned to me, I will check and see. If I take my car to the dealer as was suggested, would this be a lot of money to check these things, or fix them? I can’t imagine what could be vibrating, and yet the transmission mount seems plausible to me, thanks!

I’m not sure what it might cost to check these things.
However, I believe a transmission mount (if that is your problem) might cost around $100.
The labor shouldn’t be more than 1 hour to replace the mount, I believe.
I’m no Subaru expert, but those figures sound plausible to me.

I have a 2005 Outback, 90K miles, and it recently started the same thing - shuddering in front when stopped with brake on which stopped when put in neutral. Mechanic can’t find problem. Suggestions welcome.

It sounds to me you are feeling vibrations coming from the engine through the connection of the transmission and drive line. Perhaps the engine isn’t running as good as it could be and that is causing the extra vibration. I wouldn’t think this is a serious issue, just a minor one.

Check for a vacuum leak.

thanks, it can be a strong vibration, it was simultaneous with them putting a front driver side axle on, and yet, this was all checked out , and so far, nothing. I keep thinking something horrible is going to happen soon, like some part will snap, and my whole engine will seize up, the engine will fall onto the road, and so forth and so on…still dont’ know what to do??
I will again ask them to check for a vacuum leak, and also the transmission. the idle is fine. it was checked, and seems to idle just fine when my car is in neutral or parked. lately I feel like I am driving a manual, as I am often putting it into neutral when at a light!

The part that was replaced can’t cause the trouble you are so worried about. It really isn’t a big issue and you seem to be far more worried about this than you need to be. The engine is just running a little rough. I like @casper idea of a vacuum leak. That very well may be what is causing the issue.

An engine performance problem could cause this and by your description that’s what it sounds like to me.
Idle slightly too low, vacuum leak, Idle Air Valve problem, or the beginnings of an engine miss.

I would recommend that a vacuum gauge be connected. That is easy to do and will weed out or confirm a vacuum leak in seconds. Depending on the gauge reading I would hope that this is not the beginning of a tight valve lash problem.

When stopped the only thing turning is the engine. The problem could be the things mentioned above, or the engine could be missing on a cylinder. Like a bad plug or plug wire. Bad mounts won’t cause an engine to run rough but can cause you to feel it more.