Loud noise in 2007 Subaru Outback

My high-mileage Outback is very loud with some major vibrations to boot. It is not loud while idling which seems to rule out a hole in the exhaust.

These two symptoms with lack of any real description require a visit to dealer(if <60k miles) or trusty mechanic for evaluation.

Loud and major vibrations indicate something severe typically.

Is the loud noise a squeek, a roar, a grinding noise, a bang, a boom, a scraping noise, a …?
At what speed do you hear the noise?
What are you doing when you hear the noise? Are you braking, turning, accelerating, or …?

Under what circumstances do you feel a vibration? At idle in neutral, at idle in “Park”, and idle in “Drive”. When driving down the road?

Where do you feel the vibration? In the steering wheel? In the brake pedal?

Unfortunately, the descriptions of the noise and the vibration are just too vague to even hazard a guess until more information is provided.