2014 Subaru Forester maintenance schedule

My car has 44K miles. Done regular oil changes, nothing else. Runs fine, no problems. Do I really need to follow the maintainence schedule & get a 36K check up?

You have an large investment in this vehicle . You do not need to get the 36000 mile check up . You don’t need to do any of the required service but why would you not do that . Recommended service will make your vehicle last longer and could possibly keep you from having some expensive repairs.


It may be too late, but it’s very important that you rotate the tires on a regular basis. Uneven tire wear will cause expensive damage to the differentials.

Check the tread depth on all 4 tires. If the max differences are less than 2/32, you are ok. More than that can cause problems.

You are overdue for a new engine air filter, that should have been done at 30k. You should also change the cabin air filter every 15k, though personally I’m not real good with that one myself. @BillRussell is right about that tire rotation.

If you frequently tow a trailer, then you need to have the transmission serviced every 25k.

Edit: you should have had the 36k checkup done BEFORE 36k. Anything found would have been under warranty. Too late now.

I own a 2016 Forester (identical to a '14) and just had the 2-year visit. The manual had a lot of “check this and check that” items and I asked the dealer what they charge for that. “Complimentary.” And they washed the car for free too. And offered me free replacement wipers (you get one set free under warranty) I paid about $60 for an oil change and I asked that they pull the wheels to check the brakes, so I paid for the tire rotation (even though I didn’t need it due to havingt just put the 3-season rubber back on). What specific service item are you concerned is not a good value? Here’s one hint to save a few bucks. I bought the cabin air cleaner on Amazon and changed it myself. That saved about $35. Recommended annually. It was dirty when I pulled it out. See Youtube for how-to vid.