2013 RAM 3500 TIPM woes

We bought our Ram 3500 new. We are now having problems with the SECOND TIPM. Truck won’t start, horn goes off, etc. it is possessed. Will not buy another ram. I am so frustrated I just want to trade it. But towing it to Honda wouldn’t make a great impression when I’m trying to trade. Is anyone else having these issues. I’m afraid to trust it even if I can get it running.

About all you can do is install another TIPM and get rid of it.

You do realize that the TIPM is used in all Chrysler/Jeep vehicles?


We’ve seen other posts about problems with that part here as I recall. Totally integrated power module, right? I think there was one just recently where that part was causing a problem with the tail lights. If you want to see them, try the forum search feature. Click that icon that looks like a magnifying glass upper right. As I recall the most common method is to just replace that part. Sometimes other malfunctioning modules can be reprogrammed, like the body control module for example, but I don’t think that applies to the TIPM. No harm done to ask the dealership if there’s any tsb’s or recalls for that part.