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Starts then stalls after 2 seconds, only after having been driven

2003 Dodge Caravan
Get back from a trip and sometimes when trying to go back out within the hour, it starts then stalls after 2 seconds. If we try it again, does the same, the third or fourth time it doesn’t turn over. Vehicle will start again in about an hour or two.
This issue is intermittent and has been happening for a month.
*Not sure if it’s coincidental but first time this happened was while oil cap was left off by accident for a few days (no other obvious issues caused by this).
*Error codes have been there much longer than the issue but are p0442 and p0455 (small and large evap leak)
*Other ongoing issue is that sometimes when first starting, the wipers, windows, radio, heater/ac won’t work for a bit - been happening intermittently for a few years with a break from the issue for about a year in between.

Vehicle is obviously getting older but just over 200,000 km’s so trying to keep it going a bit longer.

The problem might be with the Totally Integrated Power Module.

Chrysler vehicles are notorious for causing electrical problems when this module has problems.


If you can get it to the state where it won’t crank (you don’t hear that rrr rrr rrr sound with the key in “start”), most any shop shouldbe able to figure out why that’s happening. If you want to diy, the first thing to do is measure the voltages at the two starter terminals. Both should be at least 10.5 volts (terminal to starter case) with the key in start. It does seem like there’s some systematic electrical system issues going on there, so the power module is definitely a suspect as posted above. If I had that set of problems on one of my vehicles I’d do a proactive fuel pressure test.

10.5 volts DC = a dead battery.


True, for an unloaded battery taken at the battery posts. the measurement I’m suggesting above is taken at the starter motor, not the battery, and applies only with the key in “start” in which case the starter motor is drawing at least a thousand watts from the battery if the starter motor is working.

That is an immobilizer problem, try using a different key.

When an invalid key is used the engine will start and stall, on the third attempt the starter is disabled.

The next time this happens try using a different key and watch for the red dot in the instrument cluster indicating that the immobilizer is active. Make sure there is nothing on the key ring that can interfere with the signal from the key like a magnet or another transponder.

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Well, needless to say, I’m hoping you are right Nevada! Will definitely try. Unsure why it would only happen after vehicle has been driven though.

I do appreciate all of the troubleshooting tips given. I’m not going to be putting much money into this vehicle - not even sure I want to bring it to the mechanic as some of the ts’ing mentioned is beyond my ability.

Started looking for another van but I hate trying to find that decent reliable deal. The only place I talked to so far lied to me 4 times in as many conversations.

First conversation had a lie . Why would there be 3 more ?

Took 2 times on the phone and 2 emails to catch the lies.