2013 Nissan Versa - Not so funny noises after driving through a flood

Help, I drove through a one way flooded street. The car is now making a funny noise.

To give you an answer it might help to know what kind of a sound? a sound clip would help too.
how deep was the water? how fast were you going through it?
Did the vehicle stall while it was in the water?
Is the vehicle running fine but just making a noise?
Is the check engine light on? if so, have the codes read and post back the codes. most Autoparts stores will read your vehicle codes for free.


Which part of this just may be a contributing factor? That it’s a one way street? Or that it’s was flooded?

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If water reaches above the wheel hub (center of wheel), pretty good chance the wheel bearing is damaged. It usually takes several months after flooding for wheel bearing symptoms to show up. How long ago did you drive through the flooded street? Was the water level up to the midpoint of the car’s wheels?

Another worry when driving through a flooded street, water gets sucked into the engine. Usually when that happens though the engine stalls completely. Car is stuck in middle of puddle, and won’t start. May result in serious internal engine damage.

Is noise heard when idling in driveway, or only when moving? If only when moving, any difference coasting vs in gear?


We can only make guesses without more information.
I suspect you need to take your car to your mechanic and have the diagnosis it.


Yep, could be anything from ingesting water in the engine causing piston damage to just belt issues. A shop will need to take a look.