2013 Nissan Sentra ... turned off all of a sudden?

Hi, we have a 2013 Nissan Sentra which is primarily used by my husband for his 5-minute commute to work. We purchased it about 4 months ago from a used car place that we’ve used before; our whole family uses this place, and we’ve all been pretty happy with our purchases.

After we bought it, we had no problems. But a few weeks ago, shortly after daylight savings, my husband was fiddling with the clock on his ride home (I know, I know, I duly reprimanded him for doing that while driving!) but all of a sudden, the car turned OFF completely, as though he had turned the ignition off. The ignition was still on; he turned it off, then turned it back on again, and it worked again. We haven’t had any issues since, but… this is greatly concerning to me!

My husband thinks it was just a fluke with the clock, but I’m thinking this is a MAJOR deal! IS it a major deal, and could it really have something to do with the CLOCK, or was that just an odd coincidence?! Any advice? It would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

Will changing the time on the clock shut a car off - No , no more than resetting radio stations.

By “turned off”, I assume you mean the engine died, and he restarted it. That has nothing to do with the clock, but perhaps he did something else by accident. Or it is a coincidence.

You Need To Contact A Nissan Dealer.

There have been some stalling issues (usually at idle speed or while braking) with some 2013 Nissan Sentras. A dealer can check your VIN (vehicle identification number).

Some vehicles had problems with ECM (engine) and/or TCM (transmission) computers/programming that need to be corrected. Also, on certain 2013 Nissan Sentra vehicles there is a Recall Voluntary Service Campaign #P3212.

A Nissan dealer should be able to check the VIN, listen to your description of this symptom, and advise you. In some, not all cases, this could be taken care of at no cost.