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Sometimes dies on warmup

This car has a problem with the engine missing at speed and dying at idle, sometimes. Often it has this problem for about 1 minute while warming up. Sometimes it appear after pulling off the freeway. Once, it seemed like pumping the gas fast for a few seconds caused the problem to go away, but I only tried that once do I can’t be sure.

Year, Make, Model,Mileage, And last tune up.

1983 Nissan Sentra, E16 engine, 201,000 miles.

Last oil change, within 3000 miles, air and gas filters fine. Just replace all vacuum hoses. Checked EGR valve and choke, both good. No trouble light. Had the carburetor fuel solenoid replaced 4-5 years ago. Can’t remember when last replaced the plugs, but it doesn’t seem like the source of such a highly intermittent problem, but perhaps it’s time to change them again.

Change the plugs. But I’ll actually bet on the wires - or maybe both.

Does it have a distributor? That too.