2013 Nissan Maxima transmission

Nissan maxima 2013 cvt transmission have a problem, when run the car the transmission has a noise when it’s running. the dealer say me the transmission does not work. but I running the car and the car run correctly. in computer the system said transmission control module abnormal

So what is your question? If the diagnostic says the transmission is “abnormal” as you say, it needs to be repaired. If the dealer is no help, take it to another repair shop.

Like Mustangman, I’m having a hard time figuring-out if there is a question buried somewhere in the OP’s post. :thinking:

However, in addition to Mustangman’s advice, I will add that some Nissans have had their transmission warranty extended by Nissan, on the corporate level.

The OP might want to phone Nissan’s corporate customer service folks (contact info can be found in the Owner’s Manual), to determine if there is an extended transmission warranty on his particular vehicle. If so, then he/she can remind the dealership’s service staff of that reality. The dealership should be aware of any extended warranty, but perhaps they need to have their memory refreshed.

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I do not think that English is the OPs first language.

I think that the OP is saying that they are getting a code "that the Transmission Control Module is out of parameters. But the OP feels that it runs fine but there is a noise.

I’m not a Transmission guy, but the solenoids are what electrically changes gears. The noise may be that the transmission is staying in a lower gear than what it should. As I said, I’m no transmission guy, so I’ll let someone else give a better answer.


You and dealer claim transmission noisy.
Dealer admits transmission has a problem.
Dealer claims control module has a problem.
Computer system says control module faulty.

You claim nothing wrong, just noisy.

I think the dealer is correct, your transmission needs repaired.