2011 Nissan Maxima- Transmission issues

driving down the street n stoped at stop light n went to take off n my car took off n got threw the light and it made a sound and it stoped moving n my car didnt turn off n it still starts with no problem but wen i put it in gear it makes a loud sound n it does not move at all

sorry to hear that. time to visit your friendly local transmission shop.

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Does the engine rev? You could have a broken constant velocity joint.

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Transmission failure is the #1 complaint for the 2011 Maxima on carcomplaints.com, Nissan CVTs are known to have problems, so that’s my guess. A shop will be able to quickly tell you what it is.

As long as it is not AMACO or a chain type shop.


I suspect that NYBO is right the CV joint depending on how quickly you got through the intersection and it is now making loud noises.