2013 Nissan Leaf battery cost

how much does it cost to get a new leaf battery?

The Leaf has an active forum and I am sure the price, probably over $5K is there.

Shouldn’t it be under warranty though?

first thing that shows up on a google search


That buys an awful lot of gasoline!

$5,500: ~2000 gallons X 30mpg = 60,000 miles.
I’ve done calculations on various types of rechargeable batteries and in all cases
the battery (cells only) costs more than the electricity to recharge over the battery’s life.

The battery is warranted for 8 years/100,000 miles. Why are you asking?

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Doorman sells a remanufactured battery for around $2100. Many larger towns now have shops that specialize in refurbishing batteries, so it might be possible to pay even less.