2013 Nissan Altima

When the temp drops below 40 degrees I get growling/vibration. When I took it to the dealer the service supervisor test drove it. He then checked with one of the mechanics who said they all sound like that. I called Nissan. They told me I had to resolve the issue with the dealer (who is now out of business). Does anyone have any input on this? Thanks

What did service manager say is cause of sound? Since they ALL do it. I know of new car smell. But a new car sound?

Yeah…what’s the location of the growling? Engine…transmission…tires? Maybe the heat/AC blower motor?

You’ll Need Somebody Who Can Isolate The Source Of The Noise/Vibration, Perhaps Using An Inexpensive Automotive Stethoscope. You Can Try It Yourself If You Follow Safety Precautions.

Also, Nissan Published An 11 Page TSB (NTB13-017) (With Excellent Photos & Procedures) For Technicians Trying To Handle Groaning Noise Complaints From Owners Of 2013 Altima Models That Have The QR25 (4 Cylinder) Engine. The Bulletin Concentrates On The High Pressure Hydraulic Electric Power Steering (H-EPS) Line Itself And Its Involvement With Adjacent Components.

Although temperature is not mentioned, that’s what I’d look at, first. Furthermore, from my experience, often power steering is noisier when cold because it utilizes viscose hydraulic fluid.


IF the car is still under factory warranty, ANY dealer would be required to fix it. Show them the TSB # that CSA posted above.

Just because that one Nissan dealership went out of business, this doesn’t mean that there is no place for the OP to get factory service under the terms of the warranty.