Starting Noise: Nissan Altima

My car is making an intermittent starting noise. More common at cold starts but may occur when warm also. When it happens, it sounds like the engine running without oil pressure for the first couple of seconds. Dealer has heard noise, agrees it is parts of the engine waiting for lubrication and says it is normal. I’m not so sure. It isn’t particularly loud, but is disturbing when it happens. It happens on average about once every other day. Your thoughts? Vehicle is 08 Altima w/ 24K. All service up to date and oil level is at full mark. Thank you!

If that the noise really is from inadequate lubrication when the engine is cold, then the engine is having extreme wear imposed on it, with the result that it will probably fail prematurely–like right after the warranty expires.

If you believe poor lubrication to be the issue, and that the dealership is is not dealing with it properly then you should really involve the folks at Nissan corporate. Contact info is in your Owner’s Manual.