2001 Mazda Miata - reliable?

any major repairs? and is it reliable?

Miata’s are very reliable, in general. You are inquiring about a 17 year old car and posted NO history about the car so - Who Knows?

At 17 years and, what? 170,000 miles? Or 50,000 miles? Condition is everything.

Have a professional mechanic that YOU choose check out the car before buying it.

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Agree with Mustangman. The Miata is everything the MG B should have been, but never was. It’s been the world’s most reliable sports car for some time now, but condition and maintenance history is everything at this stage. A thorough inspection is needed and whatever work is needed priced out!

At least you will be able to get parts if needed.

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The Miata is what happened when Japan applied their quality to British Leyland ideas. It’s the perfect marriage.

But this one’s kind of “long in the teeth”. Be sure you have it thoroughly checked out before deciding.

A 2001 Miata is fundamentally reliable. Like a Toyota Corolla, for example. We don’t know anything about whether the one you are looking at is reliable, because the prior owners might have been very abusive or negligent. But basically a very solid, sturdy car.