2013 Lexus CT 200h #- Question on repairs during a sale

Hi CT community! I posted this question earlier but I was having issues responding with the original username so I am posting again (sorry, for the repeated question in advance!)

I want to purchase a vehicle at a dealership on condition that the passenger side front bumper be fixed and restore cloudy headlights - can I ask them to fix it before I sign the purchase agreement?

Quick background:
I got the vehicle inspected and 5 points came back urgent; no accident or frame damage. The dealership
agreed to knock off $1000 off the price to and said I will sign a ‘We Owe’ to clearly state what is owed but I rather them address the issues before I sign anything - thoughts?

thank you so much in advance for responding and helping me

Same answer as before . Have them call you after they repair the damage that way if it does not look right you can look elsewhere . Of I would never buy a used Hybrid of any brand. There are thousands of used vehicles on the market so why even consider one with problems.

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A “We owe” or “Due bill” is the standard procedure for requests like this.

It is ideal to have all of the items on the check list repaired before completing the sales contract however while sales person #1 is arranging the repair, sales person #2 on the late shift might sell this vehicle to a buyer who will pay the asking price and does not complain about the bumper.

Be sure that you get at least a 30 day powertrain warranty, there are engine problems surfacing on these cars.


ABSOLUTELY! Don’t sign until they’ve fixed it. Make that a condition of the sale.

What ARE those 5 points?

This person has 2 threads about this vehicle with 2 screen names .
I was going to ask what those 5 things were but I would have walked with even one thing wrong.

nothing major (replace front driver side tire, replace both stabilizer links, and replace rear shocks/struts)

If they had this on their lot with these problems what makes you think they are going to have a first class repair done to the bumper cover .


You can certainly ask but as @VOLVO-V70 pointed out they could have fixed those cosmetic issues before putting it on the lot.

You can either demand repair before the sale or reduce the price to account for the repairs after you buy it. I would imagine that they would prefer doin them since they would control the process and associated costs.

Just guessing here, but I can not imagine a Toy-Lex dealership putting this car on their lot in that condition. Sounds more like a buy here-pay here lot.

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If they buff the cloudy headlights so they look nice when you pick up the vehicle, what will you do in a month or two when they’re cloudy again?


@VOLVO-V70. I don’t. haha.

right! I agree. But it is a local Lexus dealership.

once cloudy, always cloudy?

The vehicle is too old to be sold as certified pre-owned so it falls into the category of “value car”. It won’t get new tires and all of the cosmetic repairs unless you demand them.

I buff my headlights for about 30 seconds each and it lasts for 2 years.

I buff my headlights for about 30 seconds each and it lasts for 2 years.

Hi Nevada_545:
I’d be interested in hearing how you get the cleaning to last for 2 years.

My “one month” reply was perhaps misleading. It was meant to get the point across that headlight cleaning is only temporary. In my experience, after three months, it’s difficult to know they were previously cleaned.

I had mine done professionally. They buffed them, then clear coated.
Still good after a year.

It’s the clear coating that likely helped.