2013 Lexus CT 200h - Can I ask this?

I am about to purchase a vehicle at a dealership on condition that the passenger side front bumper be fixed - can I ask them to fix it before I sign the purchase agreement?

Yes , tell them to call you when it is fixed so if it does not look right you can look for something else.

Of course others might not agree but I personally would never buy a used Hybrid of any brand.


You can’t do it after you sign.


Same sentiment if it is a hybrid. I think you could still add the note on the purchase agreement that bumper damage is to be repaired and still be ok.

Again, make sure it’s on there before you sign.

If you try asking after you sign, they have zero incentive to fix it, and likely won’t.

I would also have a concern getting it in writing in the purchase agreement, to be fixed after you buy the car. Then you risk that they’ll “cheap out” and fix it only enough to meet the wording in the purchase agreement, and not to what you expected.

If you go this route, be really clear in your wording in the purchase agreement.

I’d find a car that didn’t need repairs.