2013 Laredo Dashboard Buzz

Hey all,

Sounds like there’s a Jeff Goldblum-sized fly trapped inside my dashboard. The buzz/static seems to be coming from the windshield more toward the passenger’s side. Radio and air controls have no effect on the noise. It doesn’t happen until I get to around 50mph then gets louder the faster I go. 77k miles, just purchased. Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance :slightly_smiling_face:

its a jeep thing. LOL…

I believe its the plastic piece on the out side of your windshield under your wiper that is vibrating causing the sound. its been mentioned on some jeep forums.
try putting some tape on the plastic piece and the windshield to see if it goes away.

Yep, it was the cowl! :slight_smile: thank you

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glad I could help.