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2013 Kia Sportage 138k miles


I have normal maintenance performed on my car and had it checked by my new mechanic last week before I started on a cross country trip. I’ve had no issues with my car except it seems like it’s always needing a new bulb somewhere. I drove 2 hrs and ended up behind a semi going 40mph up a long and steep hill. When I tried to pass the semi, my car wouldn’t accelerate above 40. The RPMs went to 4K and I pulled over. When I stopped, but not before, my check engine light and oil pressure light came on. I immediately turned my car off. I checked the dipstick and it was full still. I tried to start my car after that and the temperature gauge was in the red zone, but it hadn’t been above midline. My car will not turn over, all lights work. I hooked it up to a computer and there were no codes present. I don’t really know what happened that suddenly with no warning whatsoever. It’s an automatic transmission with a 2.4L I4 engine.

Does it sound like the starter motor is cranking the engine at normal speed?

I think maybe a bit slower than normal.

If the engine is cranking then the engine is not seized which is a common occurrence with Hyundai engines. The temperature gauge showing hot suggests that the engine was damaged from overheating. Check if there is any coolant in the cooling system, cars towed in with damaged engines from overheating usually have a bad/burned smell in the radiator, game over.

There was coolant still present. I had someone who knows a little but not a lot about cars check. All my fluid levels were normal.

Also, there weren’t any smells or smoke nor sounds.