2011 Kia Soul leaking oil

Hi i have a 2011 kia soul 2u 1.6L i have a oil changed done not even 200km have some white and blue smoke from the exhaust so we stop on the side of the road. They have alot of oil atleast 3liter on the ground and in the hood. The car started right know but leaking alot of oil. COuld it be crankshielf seal or just a bad oil change thx

This is not an internet solvable problem. It is a little hard to understand your post but you need to make sure you have enough oil in engine to get to a shop. If not have it towed.

No a bad oil change problem, a very bad leakage problem. Tow it to a shop!

I agree with others’ comments. It seems that the oil change was botched.

As you are probably aware, engine oil is a “life-blood” of the car’s engine. If it “bleeds-out” then the engine will not survive long.

Hopefully the…

…is not really from the exhaust itself, but rather from oil spilling onto a hot engine.

If the smoke is from the tailpipe then engine damage could have occurred.

I also agree that the car should not be started until it can be checked out. Good luck to you.

P.S. Approximately how many total kilometers on this 2011 vehicle?
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