Smoke from the hood?!?!

Drove around my town today doing quicky errands before the snow…pulled into the garage and turned the car off and noticed smoke coming from the hood. it’s a '95 avalon, runs well but this obviously IS NOT. did a little research-may be belts, pulleys, etc however, if anyone has ideas, comments, advice I’d appreciate it before my father goes nutty.

Was it smoke or vapor? What did it smell like? How many miles on the car? Was any work done on it recently? Did you see any leaks? Any drips on the garage floor?

It was smoke…least it looked like it. First I thought it was steam but it smelled like something was burning. The car is at 148,000. I had snow tires put on in Nov and that’s all. No drips, spills, leaks. I warm the car up before work-would that do anything?

There are several types of smoke from cars; oil burning smells, wires burning smells, and rubber burning smells. If it is an oil smell, you have someoil dripping on the exhaust manifold, which would not be obvious when driving. If it is a wire burning smell, it is cause for alarm,and you should have it checked out. Same with a rubber smell. Oil leaks should be investigated and may only require tightening somthing.

Umm, I don’t think that’s a wise idea to leave a vehicle in a garage with smoke coming out under the hood and NOT looking at it. OR did you at least move the vehicle back outside?

What did you do, or not do?