2013 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited - Flashing dash lights

we are having problem with flashing dash lights while driving.

Which specific lights? Brake, air bag, charging, etc? My first thought is a failing alternator. Have yours tested. The body control module could be going bad too. Hard to say without more information.

Traction control lights flicker. And stays on. We shut the jeep off and everything goes off. Good for a while then goes on again.

It’s likely to be a faulty wheel sensor. Have a good independent mechanic look at it.

Thanks bud. The wife hit a few pot holes. Then this started happening. Hope it not serious. Just the sensors.

Ah, pot holes. The traction control light has been known to come on when the vehicle needs an alignment and hitting pot holes is a good way to end up needing one. I’d start there.

Thanks bud

You’re welcome. That’s why most of us are here. I’m just glad I can help occasionally.

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How many sensors are the on a jeep wrangler unlimited sahara.

I believe one for each wheel but I’m not sure.

At least 50 considering the number of computer systems on this vehicle.

If you believe that the wheel alignment is the cause of the warning lights to be illuminated (not flashing dash lights) to be caused by a pot hole, if the steering wheel is off-center then the steering wheel position sensor would be out of calibration.

It would be unusual for the steering of suspension parts to be damaged from poor road surface on this vehicle compared to a compact car. Is the steering wheel off-center?

It is possible for a damaged wheel bearing to cause a wheel speed sensor to malfunction, the first step in diagnosing the problem would be to view the diagnostic fault codes.

So what do you think it is bud. Is it a alternator problem. It’s electrical, maybe grounding cable. I am guessing here.

Help me please.

Begin by reading the system faults in the ABS control module.

Thank you . I will.