2013 Jeep Patriot Brake/Turn Signal Light Issue

My wife drives a 2013 jeep patriot with less than 20k miles on it. The turn signals began behaving eccentrically (beeps at strange intervals, and the right turn signal flashing twice as fast most of the time). We figured out that the right rear brake/turn light was out, so I replaced the bulb. That solved the problems, but on the way I noticed that the widget that the bulb plugs into looks just scorched (see pics). I don’t have enough experience with these vehicles to know if this is normal, or if this means more trouble to come.

Thank you

Go to a search engine on your computer and enter “Jeep Patriot Problems”

Then hang your head.


It does look like arcing has been occurring in the upper contact. Show the dealer. It should be replaced under warranty.

Thanks, Tester and insightful. I’ll act on it.

And no, I wouldn’t recommend anyone buy one of these vehicles.

It sort of looks like the bulb connector got a little too hot. Good idea posted above to have a dealer shop look at it, hard to say from here whether or not the holder needs replacing. To avoid making the heating problem worse, make sure to use the exact replacement bulb recommended by Jeep.

GMC does it also, replace repair and go on.

I replaced the bulb with the MOPAR part, purchased from the dealer, day before yesterday. Today Mrs DGA and I dropped it off at the dealer to check it out; I had them look at some other contacts too just to see. The result?

Yeah, it’s fine, it just does that, so no need to replace it. Some GM vehicles have the same issue, but it’s not an issue. Would you like to buy an oil change and a tire rotation? (as barkydog mentioned)

This thing’s under warranty, so I’m calling the 800 number to gripe about it after we get the rig back from the dealer