2013 Hyundai Sonata - Electrical issues related to engine

customer stated that vehicle died while driving it. Mechanic says that it is showing no fuel pump and no spark. All fuses for those issues are not getting fire but the fuses are not blown.

I would first acquire a wiring diagram.
Trace back to what the un-powered fuses have in common.

Bad crank position sensor would cause that.

It would cause a no-spark. It would not cause no-fuel-pump-running.

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Good point. It would not fire the fuel injectors but the pump should run.

Depends on the strategy of the car. Some cars don’t run the fuel pump after the 2-second prime unless they see an input from the crank sensor. No need to run the pump if the engine is not turning.

But before checking for spark or fuel, a scan tool should be used to look at some pertinent data.


If you turn the key to Off, then back to Run, the FP cycles on for a couple seconds every time, doesn’t it? It does on the few cars I know.

Maybe not in all cars. Even keys aren’t what they used to be, I hear.

OK , is the customer Barber 18 or the service writer at some kind of shop ? Mechanic says what problems are but no statement of what needs to be done . And is this a post about help or just another one of those Carcomplaint site posts ?

A bad crank sensor will cause no spark no fuel pump operation.


This suggests to me a blown main fuse or a problem in the fuse box.
On further thought perhaps a bad relay or ignition switch.

Not sure about your specific instance, but these cars have an issue with compete engine failure while driving. The VIN can be entered on the Hyundai website to see if the engine is covered by the manufacturer.